history and process

the recycled glass creation process

Hunting and gathering of beautiful and unusual bottles is the first step. Most of my raw material comes from just a few miles away, though people farther afield sometimes bring bottles along when they come to my small city.  I wash and de-tag the bottles first. Then I break them into pieces, arrange them for beauty and structural stability, and melt them at more than a thousand degrees Fahrenheit.  I let the pieces cool, then I heat them again to a slightly lower temperature over ceramic forms so that they take on the shapes of bowls or plates.  After washing again to remove the kiln wash remnants, I sign each piece with my name and the piece’s inventory number.


Branscome Glass takes bottles that had been on the way to the recycling center or landfill and transforms them into lightly functional home accents.

history of branscome glass

Branscome Glass came to life in 2005.  Diana Branscome began by using art glass to create pieces that ranged from mirrors to suncatchers to tableware.  In the spring of 2008, she became inspired also to use recycled glass as her raw material.  Diana now works with local restaurants to find and salvage the most unusual and beautiful colors of bottles so that she can give them new lives.

green and sustainable

Branscome Glass strives for a minimum impact in the course of producing recycled glass art.  The raw materials come from local restaurants, the website is 100% solar-powered, and packaging is recycled and reused.